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Kitchen Compact Worktops


New to the market are ultra-compact surfaces ( UCS) in both thickness 20 mm and 30 mm, while LAMINA was producing Porcelain slabs in 4mm and 12 mm. Now new suppliers emerged such Dekton, Lapitec, Neolith and Classic Quartz have various thickness from 4 mm up to 30 mm.

Porcelain worktops also know as sintered hard surfaces made from sintering ( mixture of natural ingredients) compressed at 1200 degree Celsius mimicking the natural formation process of granites, however, this process been accelerated for industrial production. UCS are hard wearing, large slabs and resilient to heats & scratches.

UCS are ideal hard-wearing surfaces for almost any application including kitchen unit door fascial and comes in various colours and textures. Most of Porcelain slabs are printed design giving unless possibility of colours choices, however, for industrial- business purpose there is wooden and stone like colours.

What makes UCS unique its robust against all type of wearing from day to day use and UCS are resilient for both use indoors and outdoors.

Fabrication of UCS slabs is costly comparing to other surfaces such Quartz, Marble and granite, however, the trade off on the long run makes Ultra compact worktops cheaper.

Designers are exploring UCS products to be used in Weetrooms, kitchen worktops, kitchen splashbacks, counters, outdoor cladding and so on.

At GMT stone we offer A to Z service from sourcing & measuring to fabrication and installation.   

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