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How can I get accurate quote for my project?

The price depends heavily on the colour & type you choose. Fabrication cost is almost flat price for standard worktops. Accurate quote can be obtained through those factors:

  • Project Location
  • Specify your requirements and measurements
  • Type & name of the material you prefer
  • Access ( flat or house)
  • Same colour can be supplied by different suppliers at different price range, it is always recommended to ask for an alternative.

    How we go about processing your order and turnaround time?

    Upon agreeing the quote and have your kitchen unit levelled and secured in its place while having the appliances attached to the worktop ready ( such sink/hob/cooker in place.). At this stage you are ready to book an appointment with us to take measurements for your project, we need 2 to 3 days notice to allocate a templating/measuring session. Surveyor need about 2 hours at the templating while fitting team takes 3 to 4 hours to install. It is all depends on the size of the project. Site surveying or templating is an important slot while we process your order, at the templating we discuss all aspect of your project requirements directly with you or your agent. Technically speaking the product will be delivered according to the requirements been discussed onsite with you/ your agent. Standard turnaround time is 5 to 6 working days from the date of taking measurements. We can minimise the turnaround time and pre-book slot for measuring and fitting and we offer flexible date and time.

    Which material suitable for my application?

    Application we supply for are: Kitchen worktops, Stone stairs, vanity tops, bathrooms /wet-rooms, garden BBQ, fireplaces, bespoke floor tiles and many more. For Kitchen worktops granite, quartz and compact surfaces are suitable for kitchen worksurface, granite unless sealed or treated granite otherwise it is a porous product. There are in the market few colours treated & have 15 years warranty. Quartz currently the popular choice for kitchen, outdoors cladding, tiles, bathrooms and vanities due to its variety of choices, low maintenance, non-porous and stain & heat resistant up to 80 degrees, more hard-wearing than granite and its fabrication cost considerably better priced than natural stone or compact surfaces. Compact surfaces or ceramic worktops, usually comes thinner than quartz & granite, non-porous, heat-proof can be used as worktop, floor, walls, vanities, and outdoor application includes cladding. Those surfaces are the most durable among granite, marble and quartz. Marble is soft and porous stones mostly used in bathrooms and vanities, however, it can be used as kitchen worktop with great deal of attention and care and Marble worktops not suitable for heavy used kitchens.

    What are the types of materials we supply and work with?

    Granite, Marble, Dekton, Procelain worktops, quartz, slate, limestone, onyx & sandstones.

    What are the finished and thicknesses?

    We supply polished & matte textures. In Matte finish there are variation from honed, glace to leather or suede, satin & velluto. Those are different names for Matte finish, its variation depends on the supplier. Leather, Suede, Satin Finishes mainly tend to be rougher than glace or honed. 70% or our sales based on 30 mm thick worktops, however, there are 4, 15/16, 20 and 30 mm thick in the market. 4mm used mainly for compact surfaces, 15/16 mm thick available in quartz and compact surfaces. While 20/30 mm thick strongly used in quartz, granite and marble and it is available in selected colours of porcelain/compact worktops.

    What are general characteristics of materials?

    Compact surfaces such dekton, laminam, neolith and classic porcelain slabs are made from mixture of ceramic minerals, glass and quartz. Compact surfaces or porcelain slabs are heat proof, scratch resistant, low maintenance, best surfaces in the markets, hygienic and textured Quartz slabs contain 91% to 93% quartz (depends on the supplier) mixed with colouring, resin sometime with recycled materials. Quartz counters popular, have the same characters of compact tops however it does bear heats over 80 degrees. Low maintenance and they react to hard chemical such as bleach. Granites are porous products; natural stone slabs have no warranty from supplier. Second popular choice which have minerals inside react to organic acid. Granites absorption rate vary, general rule the darker the colour, harder stone and low absorption rate. Marble is a soft, absorbent and easy to scratch material. Like sponge, absorbs and release quickly. Reach in minerals.


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