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Quartz Worktops used in Kitchens

Quartz worktops can add gleans the beauty and reliability of things used in the kitchen. Nowadays, different types of natural and man-made quartz stuff are used for the kitchen. If we have a look at the history, since these are recognized for customer point of view, have developed a reputation over the last 50 years as a high-end material. Still, most of the people are unknown to the benefits and qualities that quartz stone have.

Even today, quartz that is being prepared artificially are completely standardized and counters compete with solid surface stones like granite and others. There is a clear difference between both as quartz worktops London is the best and natural surface stones used in kitchens and baths.

To get some basic idea about these stones, we have compiled some of the major points about quartz worktops:

  • If we talk about the basic features, it is a hard, manmade quartz material mainly used in kitchens and bathrooms. These are equally important for heat resistant as well as to increase the beauty of the place.

  • The elements used in the preparation of the product include an agglomerate of stone-like substances bound with gums and fixed into layers. Sometimes the layers seem to be packed into sheets.

  • These are wound stone to stone and layer to layer as prepared in an artificial way and there is no need for sealing as its resins can serve that purpose.

  • When we prepare a stone in an artificial way, there are some of the imperfections. But these are not like a lack of something instead some of the things and elements are controlled while its preparation.

Is it really made of quartz?

There is a difference between a natural stone such as granite or other that are also used in kitchen worktops but according to customer response, best kitchen worktops that are popular everywhere are quartz stones. Even if you are not familiar with quartz as a name for this material, you may be familiar with its more specific term, which is known as engineered stone worktops.

In simple terms, quartz worktops used in kitchen and bathrooms are 95% made up of stone-like materials and 5% of a material that is either plastic-like (polymeric) or cement-based product. Of those stone-like materials, quartz is only one of many substances.

We have many other examples for stones such as:

  • Granite products 

  • Marble stones

  • Natural stones

When we analyze the preparation of such stone, these usually come from either crushed waste stone while making of different products and that leftover in quarries. And it can come from recycled industrial wastes, such as fragments of ceramic, silica, glass, mirrors, etc. 


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